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Respekt is an independent political weekly publication in the Czech Republic. Founded in November 1989 by a group of former anti-communist underground journalists, it offers analysis, investigative report and opinion on domestic and international news, politics, business, finance, culture, science and technology. also offers a variety of web-only content, including columns, audio/video and blog. Respekt reporters, editors and photo-reporters have been awarded a number of prestigious prizes in the country as well as abroad (World Press Review, European Year Journalist Award, Karel Havlíček Borovský Award, Open Society Fund Awards, etc).


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Guerilla Journalists in Our Midst

16. 3. 2015  21:25 - Ondřej Kundra kontrarozvědka BIS označila za zdroj nebezpečné proruské propagandy

Websites of the Aeronet type play a key role in the Russian war in Ukraine 

Czech Secret Service Have Discovered Three Russian Spies

12. 3. 2015  11:11 - Ondřej Kundra
The current conflict with Russia considering spies is nothing new

Respekt has obtained information about a rendered Moscow's operation that would possibly threaten the safety of our country 

Passionate teen with an umbrella

12. 10. 2014  11:50 - Martin M. Šimečka
Joshua Wong

Joshua Wong measures the power of his generation 


Pavel in the Enemy's Heart

21. 9. 2014  02:20 - Ondřej Kundra
26 profil1

Czech Army General heads to the NATO elites. Petr Pavel was elected the new Chairman of the NATO Military Committee. 

Europe needs to be a more inclusive society

3. 8. 2014  20:40 - Marianne Lukes
Morten Kjaerum

Interview with the Director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights 

Colours of Ostrava

27. 7. 2014  20:35 - Marianne Lukes

This past weekend, over 40,000 were drawn to Ostrava, Czech Republic for the outdoor music festival Colours of Ostrava. The four-day long festival has grown in popularity each year since its debut in 2002. While locations have changed since its first year, the festival has been held at Dolní oblast... 

Comparing Everyday Life

21. 7. 2014  15:39 - Marianne Lukes
Americans are completely reliant on their cars

Czechs value both lunch as well as relaxation 

About college process

16. 7. 2014  09:51 - Marianne Lukes
Essential step for all students is visiting their top colleges

Obtaining a higher education is radically different 

What Were They Looking For?

14. 7. 2014  14:13 - Marianne Lukes
Evropa se chce bránit americké kontrole a špionáži

Various questions arise over the intentions of the newly discovered American spies working in the heart of German intelligence 

Hello, how are you?

8. 7. 2014  23:34 - Marianne Lukes
Country like America constantly assumes they are the best without contest

Czechs seem to think Americans are always happy but the reality is that Americans usually just pretend to be happy 

About us, without us!

3. 4. 2014  13:48 - David Vaughan
Chamberlain odjíždí na mnichovskou konferenci, 29. září 1938.

Can we compare Russia’s behaviour towards Ukraine with the Munich Crisis of 1938? 

Not Just Seventeen-Year-Old Candidates

30. 8. 2013  11:50 - Ivana Svobodová
24 A stransky varianta R35 2013

Zeman’s People Party looks for young politicians at nightclubs and in the Moravian Karst 

Czech Quirks: Open your minds - and your taste buds!

23. 8. 2013  13:02 - Lani Seelinger
Ilustrační fotografie. Guláš

Blog: Tichý Američan v Praze 

An Unusual Kind of Tolerance

23. 8. 2013  12:11 - Silvie Lauder
Prague Pride

Why Czech politicians aren’t gay 

Deep Roots

17. 8. 2013  11:50 - Tomáš Sacher
28 B stransky R33 2013

Moravian winemakers look for the path towards “big” wine 

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